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Here's a comparison of different types of internet we have available here in L.A. (Lower Arkansas)

Pretty much in order of fastest to slowest...

page last revised
Feb 21st 2017

  Max Download Bandwidth
with a perfect connection
(Higher is better)
(ping time)
(Lower is better)
500 Mb/s
- 1 Gb/s!


(or FREE if you order in 2016)

$50-$90 unlimited?

Extremely Extremely Extremely EXTREMELY fast. Satco only deals directly with businesses, but on June 7th, 2016, Ouachita Electric anounced a partnership with Satco called ARIS which has the goal of offering fiber to every electric customer before the end of 2019! Satco buried a fiber cable from Texarkana to Hampton and it passes right thru Camden.



(Cablelynx Residential)
25-100 Mb/s 13ms $0 $55-$140 500GB-1TB
(Cablelynx Business)
16-50 Mb/s 16ms $0 $90-$200 500GB-1TB

Extremely fast. Most speed per dollar. Available in most parts of Camden. Upgrades to their network in 2012-2013 have fixed almost all issues with reliability. If you go over your monthly bandwidth allowance, they may charge $15/50GB. Sometimes they try to encourage you to pay for TV service too by making TV only $10/month extra. You can lease a modem from them for $7/month or you can buy your own from eBay for about $30. Just make sure its "DOCSIS 3.0" or higher. I recommend the ARRIS MOTOROLA SURFBOARD SB6182

(ATT) (no longer available to most customers)
0.768 - 6 Mb/s 80ms $15-$20 $35 150GB
3-18 Mb/s 33ms $35-$65 $52 300GB-600GB
Extremely fast. Uses a phone line but does not tie it up. Only available in certain areas. If you want to see if you are eligible, click here. Pricing depends on current promotions. UVerse works the same way DSL does but can include phone and TV service, both are optional. If you go over your monthly data allowance, it's $10/50GB. $30/month will get you unlimited. (source)





Go Wireless 1.0 Mb/s 80ms $400-$150 $25-$40 unlimited
Fast, but not as fast as DSL or Cable. Only available in Camden and surrounding areas. Does not reach to Stephens, Chidester, Bearden, or Smackover. If you want to see if you are eligible, call Go Wireless at 870-574-1010. There is also a plan where you pay $150 up front and $40/month.



(Verizon Wireless)

0.5 - 12 Mb/s 80ms $0 $40-$730 2-100GB

(ATT Wireless)

0.5 - 60 Mb/s 80ms $0 $40-$395 0.3-50GB

Faster than dial-up, but not as fast as DSL or Cable. Needs at least 50% signal strength. The best option if you can't get one of the above connections. If you have a smartphone, you can save a few dollars by going thru that instead of buying a hotspot. There are no limits to how long you can stay connected, only how much you can download. You can not get unlimited data plans anymore. Verizon has 4G since July 2012. This is what I used at my house in Stephens, along with a cellular repeater to amplify the signal. AT&T's coverage area is half what Verizon's is. If you are interested, call your local Verizon at 870-836-7300 or 870-862-3456.



aka "The new wildblue"
12 Mb/s 650ms $0 $60 / $80 / $130 10GB / 15GB / 25GB
(unlimited between midnight-5am)
(HughesNet Gen4)
5-15Mb/s 650ms $150 $50-$130 5-20GB

The new Exede service and the Hughesnet Gen4 are EXTREMELY fast for streaming audio and video, such as netflix, hulu, and youtube. However, their high latency means it will still take longer to move from page to page than dsl or cable. Services that need fast response times like gaming and skype will have noticeable delays, but they will work. You get way more bandwidth and monthly allowance with Exede/Gen4, making them by far the best satellite services. If you still have the old wildblue or hughesnet, you need to upgrade asap!

Google wrote a VERY nice technical article about why latency is more important than bandwidth.



(Wild Blue)
(no longer available)

512 Kb/s -
1.5 Mb/s
1,250ms $350 $50-$80 7.5-17GB down / 2.3-5.0GB up

(HughesNet Gen3 (no longer available)

1-2 Mb/s 650ms $400 $30-$90 200-400MB per day down / ? up

Wildblue and HughesNet Gen3 are similar to dial up for surfing websites and checking email, despite their claims of being "high speed". It's actually slower than dialup for protocols such as ftp, remote support, rdp, vnc, ssh, pop3, smtp, and it's completely unusable for some technologies such as voip like skype, and VPNs because of its high latency. Downloading large files like movies and music is faster than dialup. I do not recommend satellite internet to anybody unless it is the only option. HughesNet seems to give you more speed per dollar than Wildblue, but HughesNet is tougher on bandwidth limits.



Dial up 56 Kb/s 250ms $0 $15-$20 unlimited
Cheapest way to get online, but unusably slow, and ties up your phone line. Providers are World Lynx,, Magnolia-net, and Earthlink. Dialup is so slow you can't even do facebook anymore. I dont recommend it for anybody.